Monday, March 26, 2012


I am at a conference, where, to my surprise, there appears to be a luxuriously-appointed Press Room for the members of Her Majesty's press, of which I count myself as a member.

There is only one other person present, and knock me down and call me Sharon, if it isn't the familiar bearded face of Jimmy Wales out of Wikipedia. I am taken somewhat aback, mainly because he isn't in his familiar website pose, for eg holding up a banner and asking for money.

I make a point of apologising to him for misquoting something he said Several years ago in a report. Generously, he does not remember, but forgives me anyway, beseeching me to get my prostrate form up off the carpet before I make the knees of my cheap, shiny suit even more cheap and shinier.

I ask him, O Great One, for an autograph, and he obliges. He is both wonderfully bearded and left-handed, like all the best people. Then, he settles down for an interview with the excellent website, which starts something like this:

Journalist: Do I call you 'founder' or 'co-founder' of Wikipedia?

Jimbo: I like to say 'founder', but other people may say otherwise.

Me: [citation needed]

Jimbo: LOL

Realising that this is the high water mark of my life, I flee

In summary: Jimmy Wales - What a guy

And by the way, Jimmy, I accidentally got your conference name tag an' I'm not ever ever going to wash my hands an' you're really great an'...


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