Thursday, April 04, 2013

On dealing with my stress levels

I've got too much stress in my life. Much of it is self-inflicted, but money and work and divorce and dying dogs and worrying about being stressed all contribute and I'm well aware I could drop dead at any minute*.

So, I've decided that instead of letting the world wind me up, I'm going to point and laugh instead. This means taking one or two practical steps to get my stress levels down and my life expectancy up. I'm possibly the most time-poor person on the planet, but that's probably because I never take a break from anything

- No clicking through Daily Mail links, no matter how outrageous the story

- No getting wound up in traffic jams. Every other melon farmer on the road can get annoyed. I'll be in my car, listening to the Cocteau Twins and everything's peachy

- Laugh more. Watch more comedy on TV and in the flesh. But don't laugh so hard that it hurts

- Stop responding to texts from certain people. They know who they are

- Take some time off

- Try not to die

I'm going to call this Operation Try Not To Die. I shall keep you informed, regularly, by not dying.

* I'm not going to drop dead at any minu-aaaaarghhh**

** Only joking


Mary said...

"Not clicking through Daily Mail links" really works. But be ready for the occasional howl of rage when a link takes you there unawares.

Alicia Foodycat said...

I have a block on my computer that redirects me to a picture of a kitten whenever I unwittingly click a link to Daily Mail or Daily Express. It makes my heart lighter.

Gonzoland said...

I never go to the Daily Heil online. However, I tried using IE9 tools privacy section to block but it doesn't have any effect and I got their vile site.
Stress! The very mention of the word brings a sharp pain up and down my right diodes.

Unknown said...

I love going through Daily Mail, makes me feel better about myself... well most days it does. (God, I need to get a life.)

Mac the Knife said...

I'm more than a little concerned Duckers that of late you seem seldom if ever, to be EXCELLANT.

Is this due to a general lack of EXCELLANCE, or is it related to some new duck-related humility cult?

I don't know - but I think we should be told...