Wednesday, April 03, 2013

On registering my offence at International Steak and Blowjobs Day

So, International Steak and Blowjobs Day came and went, and I registered my offence to this steaming pile of sexist crap on That Twitter.

Most people agreed, but I fell into an argument with somebody over what the hell was wrong with a) steak (nothing) and b) blowjobs (nothing). It's just together, with a 'special' day, just to celebrate blokish dominance that got me angry.

Having thrashed out our differences, I decided what was needed is this:

International Getting Offended By Stuff On Twitter Day

Then I remembered that - thanks to successful trolling by the Daily Mail - this was every day, so I gave up.

Also: Ed Balls

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I think a day for steak and blow-jobs is just fine provided, like No Smoking Day, or Valentine's Day, etc it isn't mandatory, so I don't have to cook one or give one, or if I do, I am allowed to get confused and mix the two up.

The other 364 days a year no one mentions steak or blow jobs in my hearing, separately or together.