Friday, August 08, 2003

"Friday Stuffpile"

Arrived back at work today after two weeks sunning myself up a ladder, opened my mail client and BOOSH! - 1,208 mail messages. About five of them were useful. Nigerians still want to send me money, my breasts still aren't big enough, and somehow someone called "Spunk Farm" got hold of my e-mail address.

BOOSH! (again) - New Weebl and Bob!

B-B-BOOSH! - Death to ITV's The Premiershit, Long Live Match of the Day!

BOOSH, BOOSH and thrice BOOSH! I am apparantly in this week's Web User magazine (print version only). Wa-hey-HEY!

oooooOOOOOHHHH - BOOSH! New Scary story on site tomorrow.

Not boosh: George W Bush Elite Force Aviator Action Figure. I shit you not.

And just as soon as I remember how to do it, I'll be getting to point at this page instead of my geoshitties site. You know it makes sense.

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