Thursday, November 25, 2004

Rules of Blogging no.23

Rules of Blogging no.23

"Never blog whilst drunk."

Look, we had a wonderful leaving do for six of the lovliest ladies who ever filed video tapes for the Corporation, one thing led to another, and the White Horse in Emmer Green is now the legal owner of the contents of my wallet.

And you want a Thursday vote-o, even if I can barely focus on the keyboard, do you? If you insist, then.

Just to be different, I have selected a random line from the six Scary stories available and you may cast your vote for any one of these. Simple, eh, and what could possibly go wrong?

1. A domino effect of vomiting
2. "But usually he's got clothes on."
3. I think I might have said "Fuck" at some stage
4. Teenage boys in uniform
5. And they wouldn't even let me finish "Buster Gonad" either
6. "Look, just fuck off, will you?"

Vote! Vote! Vote! But what do I care? I'll have a hangover by the time I see this page again.

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