Sunday, December 26, 2004

Boxing Day

Boxing Day

So, I ended up at work today. And my motivation, apart from the desire to bring red-hot, high-quality news at it happens to the screens of a baying public? Ah yes, I remember - 100 quid.

So thank you, dear Santa, for industrial-sized vat of jelly babies. And the socks. And the pyjamas. And the carpet slippers. And, of course, the Y-fronts. I haven't worn Y-fronts since I was a New Romantic, twenty-something years ago. It'll be like a trip down Memory Lane. But without the eye-liner, obviously.

Oh, and the cuddly duck was ...umm... most unexpected. I shall call him Wello.

Confess-me-do. What did you get? More to the point, what the hell are you doing here today?

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