Thursday, December 30, 2004

Possible gay interest?

Possible gay interest?

A letter in South West Trains on-board magazine suggests a poster campaign urging passengers to use the racks provided instead of hogging extra seats for their luggage and coats.

"Seats are for bottoms, not tops and bags"

I find this incredibly funny, but I have also been accused of knowing far too much about the ways of the gayness, "and besides, we're full and we don't have any vacancies".

Not even for "Bi now, gay later?"

I have uncovered, much to my horror, a sordid world of gayness on ebay, enough to make the pages of the Daily Mail spontaneously combust. Search for "gay interest" and it's all very interesting. If you're gay*.

There is very, very little on e-bay for "possible straight interest". I blame Little Britain.

Get-out clause: mumblememumblemumble...some of me best friends, etc...

* According to ebay, gay people only wear very, very, very, very small underwear. *checks boxers*

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