Thursday, December 09, 2004

Not a Thursday vote-o

Not a Thursday vote-o

Thanks to the wonders of blogger, I will only be pretending to be here tomorrow, and will therefore be slapping up a Scary Story chosen by Ed on the Farm. It'll probably be brilliant and will almost certainly be the one you would have voted for*.

Anyhoo, if you still have the urge to take part in a democratic process of some sort, why not scoot across to my padowan learner Scarydog, who, by the most amazing coincidence, is also holding a Thursday vote-o. I like to think that he's my Mini-Me. And mind your bloody swearing - he is but a kid.

* Lie

Spam of the Day

Dear Sirs,

It's my great pleasure to contact you !

We learned from Internet you are interested in tents. We are specialize in tents. We are able to supply a wide variety of tents.

For example, what is the height of the tent? Are you interested in windows? What type of frame? Do you have a drawing of your requirement? What quantities do you wish to buy?

Feel free to view our website:

We are able to supply tent to the specification!

The other Spam of the Day

As a man of the world, I consider myself fairly well up on the latest sexual deviancies.

However, today I was rather confused after receiving a spam e-mail with the subject line "Hot girls squirting milk out of their ass".

I accept that I spent my biology classes staring at Miss Shagwell's none-more-pneumatic chest when I should have been paying attention to the blackboard, but have I missed out on something?


Hat-based stupidity over at Robber Rabbit, a bit of a preview from my latest literary work which I'm trying out on real people. Your comments, etc...

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