Monday, May 02, 2005



The new Doctor Who is this: aces.

The thing that has caught my imagination is not just the individual episodes, but the underlying storyline that hints of a rather climactic end to the current series and all kinds of fun for series two. You may, for example, have heard or seen references to the words "Bad Wolf" throughout the episodes so far, a couple of words which may be incredibly important, or simply a red herring. Who can tell?

It's not just on-screen, either - there's an attention to detail across the media which I haven't seen for any other programme. You can switch straight from BBC1 to BBC3 after each showing for a "making of", and there are BBC-backed websites all over the place to support the programme:

* - official BBC page
* - wonderfully amateurish conspiracy page set up by a chap called Clive, who suffered an unfortunate death at the hands of killer showroom dummies in episode one, now run by Rose's boyfriend Mickey the Idiot, who survived getting eaten by a wheelie bin. Click on the banner at the top of the page and find...
* - Geocomtex, corporate web page of Henry van Statten, collector of Daleks. A challenge! Translate the Morse Code on the "Support" page.
* - UNIT - "ANY threat. ANY location. Protecting humanity no matter how far it takes us." Superb unhinged "Official" UNIT site, with photoshopped images of BBC White City posing as their headquarters. The passwords are "bison" and "buffalo".

There are more to come. The BBC has registered, but it's not running yet, while (registered to a fanboy in Nottingham) links to Mickey the Idiot's BBC-run site.

Obsessed? Me? I'm so excited I could explode.

As an aside - the Dalek in Saturday's episode, we were told, "accessed and downloaded the entire internet". In which case:

"Oi! You! Dalek! Your mum licks Davros!"

The Arse of Lopez verdict, measured on the Duckworth-Lewis method:

The arse of Lopez - now in COLOUR!

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