Wednesday, May 25, 2005



A Scaryduck's Brother special

We have a junk mail problem in our office. The IT department try their best; the latest solution allows us to review the title of the mail and choose to receive it if we are unlikely to be corrupted or offended. Here for your entertainment is a list of my favourites. Do with it what you will (for example, you may wish to print it out and hand it to an old lady at a bus stop):

* The Blonde and the Sheep - Bloody hell, Jordan and Peter Andre get everywhere
* Amateur sluts gurlping down cum!
* She likes to sew, knit and get her ass fuccked!

* Free Teen Cunt-Munching
* Sarah likes to suck balls
* Your penis on call instantly - And my boss's incessant demands are wearing me out

* Trannny wants it up the aassshole
* Tear her hymen apart - The classic song by Joy Division, there
* FCUK a P0RN Star: TitFCUK 36 DD Melons!

* Quality CumSwallowing! - As opposed to totally rubbish cumswallowing
* SlutsDrink CumCocktails!
* Freak Fuckfest

* Babes with Big Hammers - Those fucking fat bastard West Ham fans get all the luck
* P0RN Movie Heaven: She Gets FCUKed in a Phone Booth!
* pil.l to impr`ove sper"m flavour and vol"ume - Now in Strawberry, Chocolate and Vanilla

* Girls On The Farm Don't Need To Masturbate - They just drive a tractor across a ploughed field instead
* She squeeled like a pig - And now I'm doing six years for what the press called "That Business with the Donkey"

You've got to be curious about 'Freak Fuckfest' haven't you...

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