Thursday, May 05, 2005

”Fuck me, it’s Billy Bragg!”

"Fuck me, it’s Billy Bragg!"

It never rains but it pours round here. Hot on the heals of evil midget Tessa Jowell, none other than the Bard of Dagenham, who has fled the East End for a life in Dorset, lowering the tone somewhat. Strumming a playful version of "Sexuality"* Bragg came knocking at my door, asking – nay demanding – that I use my vote to stop the Tories getting in *cough* Labour *cough*.

That’s another one tied up under the stairs, then. If you ask very nicely, he’ll sing you a song.

Poor, poor Billy. And he didn’t even call me “geezer”.

Election Day, so vote me up on the following Scary Stories and their political equivalents:

- Party: Lib Dem
- Piss IV: Tory
- Hawk: New Labour
- Shed: Green
- Poo: UKIP

And in a shamesless travesty of the electoral process, I shall them discard your votes and do what I bloody well like. Just like Tony Blair, right kids?

* A bare-faced lie.

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