Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Into the Void

Into the Void

Yesterday, I met my first ever blogger. I’ve been doing this malarky for over three years, and the only other bloggers I’ve ever met are those I work with, who don’t really count because I get to meet them every day. And where's the horror in that?

So, last night to the White Horse to meet the charming Mr Rikaitch and the equally (if not more) charming Mrs Aitch for an evening of jolly japes, beer and the sad tale of a lost Commonwealth Games bronze medal, to which I really should have replied “Well, I’ll be dipped”, but didn’t. Photographic evidence of this meeting exists, and good God, I wish it didn’t. Redressing the balance, I actually look like this sober. Note the arms-crossed-covering-the-man-boobs pose.

An excellent evening, and rounded off nicely by finding that elusive photo of Zed’s arse that was sitting on my hard drive all along.

Apples an’ Pears, gor blimey etc

You may have noticed the adverts for a film about a deaf DJ called “It’s all gone Pete Tong”. Whatever the film’s merits, it sees Mr Tong finally joining the relatively short list of living people who are cockney rhyming slang:

Lionel Blair – “Good God, have you seen the Lionels he’s wearing?”
Eartha Kitt – “I usually take a good book when I go for an Eartha”
Britney Spears – “If you’re going to the bar, get the Britneys in”
Gary Glitter - "Lovely girl. Lovely. Takes it up the Gary"
Scaryduck – “Hey love, any chance of a Scary?”

We’d also have Greatest Ever Englishman Bobby Moore (score), except the poor fella went and carked it.

Any others for this illustrious and exclusive list? Suggest-me-do!

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