Friday, December 29, 2006

Fairy Tales, Part the First.

I would point out, rather belatedly and to scotch these cross-dressing rumours, that this is a Misty production. I thang yew.

A few years ago, I had a job as a Christmas Fairy in a shopping centre. It was lots of fun. I got to wear a pretty outfit and did the whole sparkly make-up bit every day. The downside was having to deal with screaming children, and on occasions screaming adults as well.
The deal was, that every child who came to see Santa would get a pressie, and for an extra two quid could also have a polaroid photo taken with him. My job was to keep the brats little darlings under control whilst they waited, and also ask if they'd decided on what they wanted for Christmas and so.
Most of the children were fine. All happy and excited, and smiles all round, hurrah.
But one day, a small boy was really acting up. He was screaming, and complaining, and shouting, and yet his mother was determined that he was going to meet Santa and get a photo taken with him as well.
I went over to have a little talk with him. I asked his name, and explained that Santa had a list of all the good boys and girls that were going to get presents, but that if he was going to carry on being 'naughty' it was unlikely that his name would be on that list, and there might not be anything under the tree for him on the big day.
That shut him up. His mother gave me a look of gratitude, and also asked me to mention that he had to be good ALL the time, not just for the here and now, so I explained that Santa's fairies went around checking on the children to make sure they were keeping their promises to be good, and that although we could see them, they couldn't see us.
The boy behaved himself, met Santa, got the photo taken and so, and off they went.
A couple of weeks later, I was on the bus on my way to the Grotto. No make-up or 'fairy dress' on, just normal clothes.
Also on the bus, was the same boy with his mother, and the boy had obviously forgotten his promise to be good, as he was having yet another hissy fit and somewhat disturbing the sluggish gloom and quiet of the bus journey.
I had to pass by them to get off the bus, and as I went past, I bent down next to him, and said "The fairies are watching you don't forget!"
I have never seen a child stop a temper tantrum so quickly. He looked all around for a fairy, but as I wasn't in costume, he couldn't see one.
Oh yes. Traumatizing small children. They were happy days...

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