Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Theatre Review

Theatre Review: Cinderella - Weymouth Pavilion

The naked greed of the proletariat unmaskedScaryduck's Review: A stunning indictment of a post-modern materialistic society in which Marxist-Leninist ideas of the bourgoisie-proletariat relationship are ruthlessly maintained through the selfish, yet predictable actions of the participants through the medium of song, dance and the acting arts.

With the heaving bosom of the fairy godmother representing Thatcherite I-want-it-now materialism tempered with boom-and-bust politics; and Martin Platt out of Coronation Street representing the cuntery of the masses, it was sadly inevitable that the working classes (Buttons) should be left metaphorically naked in the gutter, whilst, given the choice, the daughter of Baron Hardup should grab her chance to remain within the landed aristocracy, maintaining the irony of the status quo of class-based power relationships in Blair's so-called classless society.

This Diana-esque marriage ignores the shallow nature of the relationship - based, laughably, on footwear - leaving the audience confused as to the very nature of 'Happy Ever After', knowing full well that the real ending will be played out, tragically, in some Parisian underpass.

And, for some reason, Crazy Frog.

Scaryduckling's Review: "What a bitch! She turned down the love of her life and leaves him for some bloke she met for less than five minutes in the forest, just because he was loaded. Cow."

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