Sunday, December 24, 2006

On not learning from the last time

On not learning from the last time

"Bathroom's free!" I shout, adding "Unlike Briatain under this Blairite fascist junta."

"I see you've left it in the usual mess," says Mrs Duck, "And you're still too tight to buy your own shampoo."


"So, which one did you use, then?"

"Um. Yours?" the wrong answer.

"You bloody liar. I'm waiting for the Tesco's delivery this afteroon. There's only..."

Oh God. In the heat and confusion of war the shower, any man can make a mistake, and not for the first time. Oh, and indeed, God.

"But... but... it said 'pro-vitamin' on the side and everything."

"The dog's gonna go rabid when she finds out."

And so, dear reader, I wish you Happy Christmas, from here, my corner of the doghouse.

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