Monday, May 19, 2008

On playing up Pompey, Pompey playing up

On playing up Pompey, Pompey playing up

Although it pains me to see any team apart from the mighty Arsenal winning silverware, it was pleasing to see Portsmouth do the business against those Welsh curs from Cardiff under the twin Kylie statues at Wembley Stadium on Saturday.

However, my enjoyment this weekend's FA Cup Final was ruined, ruined by the constant stream of sexual innuendo spewing from the mouths of the studio pundits on the otherwise, staid and upstanding Match of the Day.

This actual quote, for example, from former England hot-shot and McDonalds shill Alan Shearer:

"And Parry's been pulling off Sol Campbell time and time again."
Enduring mental image there, I'm sure you'll agree. Jumpers for goalposts, a game of two halves, followed by a quick rub-down in the communal bath.

And let us spare a minute for Portsmouth captain Sol Campbell. He may have lifted the FA Cup this weekend in the culmination of a career that saw major success at Arsenal and none whatsoever at Tottenham Hotspur, but those rumours just refuse to go away.

Poor, poor S. Campbell.

All the Colemanballs ("Any relation?" "Yes. Yes I am.") in the world HERE

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