Sunday, November 16, 2008

On woe, and the lack thereof

On woe, and the lack thereof

This week marks the point – almost seven years after I starting writing this blog – that I find myself out of ideas for a Friday Mirth and Woe story.

This means that Fridays will not necessarily be Mirth and Woe day anymore. Mirth and Woe may appear, if I am moved to write something, but I'd rather maintain the quality rather than knock off any old tripe, or even >gulp< resort to fiction.

I'm surprised I lasted this long, to be honest. But teh Duck blog will continue.

One thing I may do – if there is the demand – is to rewrite and tighten up some of the old stories with added sick inna hedge, 130% more gags and 27% more typos.

Whatever happens, I'll try to keep something special (that's SPECIAL special, not 'Special Bus' special) for the end of the week, as there are still plenty of condensed films, Pepys diaries &c still to be had.

And breathe out...

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