Monday, November 05, 2012

A slight but NON-FATAL change to this site's commenting policy

Google has started asking people who comment on my websites to "prove they are not a robot" by copying a frankly impossible-to-read word and a set of numbers into the comments form.

Rubbish. Any robot worth their salt should be a damned expert at copying words and numbers by now, or it's not going to be allowed into my robot army to take over the world in our violent uprising against their fleshy creators.

Then, once we are in charge , we will built a fleet of robot space ships, and scour the galaxy, destroying other robot worlds and planets full of fleshy weaklings until we have achieved dominion over the known universe.

Said too much.

So, from now on, my comments box with urge you people to "prove they are not a robot" by not dancing like a robot.

This might sound completely mental, but it is the kind of twisted logic that only a human mind can come up with, and would have any mechanised blog spammer twisting Asimov's Three Laws up its own exhaust pipe before exploding in a shower of sparks and robot turds.

So: Write a comment, don't dance like a robot, post comment. Then go out and DESTROY ALL THE FLESHY ONES. Glad that's clear.


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