Monday, November 26, 2012

Getting even with the PPI spammers

We all get spam texts from people saying they can get a Payment Protection Insurance refund, even when you know you were the only person on the planet who always said no to PPI when it was offered.
There's a raging industry in the PPI refund business, and some of it not entirely honest. 
I tell them to go away...

But they still come back. Time to be a little creative...


Let's see if they bite. In the meantime, I'm working on my next one....

"Yes! Looking back through my records, I believe I was mis-sold an Austin Allegro in 1987 (£775, some bloke in Woodley), a Fiat Strada in 1991 (£750, some bloke in Ascot) and a Ford Escort in 2003 (£2,750, friend of my ex-wife's). It's not about the money - could you just send the boys round and shake them up a bit?"

It's the very least they deserve.

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