Tuesday, December 18, 2012

BUY MY BOOK! --- WTF? --- A comedy thriller by Alistair Coleman

I'm pleased to announce that five years of toil have come to an end, and my first novel 'WTF?' is now available for Kindle owners.

A paperback edition of WTF? will be available very soon for people who prefer their reading matter in dead tree format, and in response to popular request, there will also be a print edition in Comic Sans, The Font of Champions.

If you are unsure of my genius, you can read free excerpts from the book on its promotional website, but you'll actually have to buy  or download WTF? if you want the spoiler-laden blooper reel.

"The ideal present for the somebody you hate. Or just by a copy for yourself." --- TV's Kim Jong-un

And here's the back cover bumpf:

A confused young man three hundred miles from home, a perpetually annoyed celebrity chef slightly past her sell-by date, and an old school friend who may or may not be the Adjustable Spanner Murderer of the City of Truro, trapped in a flat in the rich end of west London. With a bit of help from the hapless layabouts at an internet start-up company that isn't entirely as it seems, they accidentally get pulled into a world of corporate corruption, inept police, incompetent hit-men, and robot vacuum cleaners turning on their fleshy masters, until one of them ends up falling over a cliff and discovering how much it hurts.

In a comic tale of the doomed online executive tat merchants scaryduck dot com all lower case, can our hero - accidentally called Toby Young for the first two drafts - survive his appointment with gravity? (Answer: Yes) And will true love come through and win the day? (Answer: Almost certainly not)

The comedy thriller 'WTF?' is award-winning writer Alistair Coleman's fifth book, but his first novel.

BUY or borrow WTF? from Amazon for the Kindle


Paperback version from Lulu

Paperback Comic Sans The Font of Champions Edition


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