Friday, December 28, 2012

Star Wars: What really happened in that Death Star control room

"Krizzle blrp frip frip"

"That's right, Artoo, I'm the protocol droid in charge round here, just get your probe into the console and download those plans before the guards get back."

"Frrrrrrp brip freeeeeeeem"

 "I beg your pardon? What do you mean there's no interface? Get on with it - we'll be discovered any moment."

"Blenk skluuuuuuuuurg wizz"

"What the devil do you mean by 'five an a half inch floppy disk'? Are you implying I'm less the droid than I really am?"

"Skwizzzzle brp brp quag blonzzzzzzz"

"And they're on Compuserve dial-up? Oh dear oh dear Artoo the guards are outside the door, and we'll be broken down into spare parts for sure."


"Artoo? Artoo? Don't just sit there rebooting, say something!"


"Oh dear, the door's opening - please put that blaster down sir, somebody could get hu....."

THE IMPERIAL EMPIRE: Non-millennium bug compliant since 1977.

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