Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A short visit to Southampton

Waiting for something to happen, as the song by Radiohead goes.

The man walked towards us on Southampton's main shopping street as we sat in the warm early autumn sun.

Then he stopped, looking around him, like a lonely meerkat, warily scanning the horizon for predators.

Shoppers changed their course to walk around him, as he stood there, a guilty, fearful look on his face. For he knew what would happen next.

He pissed down his trouser leg, shook the last drops free with a deft flick of the ankle and walked away.

And a lady in a wheelchair went straight through the puddle, leaving tyre marks down Bar Street*, and something nasty on her left hand.

Southampton, you are CLOWN SHOES.

* I am now told this is called "Above Bar". But will now be called Wee Street.


Jesus of Portsmouth The Finest City That My Dad Created. Southampton was a mistake from the get go! Sorry Earth. said...

I expect nothing less than this from the average resident of that shit hole. May they rot in hell...although to be honest, hell would be an improvement on Southampton!

Keith said...

Could you translate that into English please?

You mean that people actually live in Southampton? I find that exceedingly weird.

beentheredonefat said...

Hey Alister

Its no Southhampton, but check this out for me please:

Love your word.

Please spread the love it it gives you a lift.