Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Backwards films (and some books)

Inspired by this from the internet's Mitch Benn, I've started watching films and reading books backwards:

If you watch Star Wars backwards, it's about a kid who fixes his dad's space station, and goes to live on a farm

And here's what I've found from literally minutes of research:

If you watched the film Cloverfield backwards, it's about a giant monster that repairs a battle-damaged New York City so a bunch of yuppies can go to a party

If you read the New Testament backwards, it's about a bloke who survives a ham-fisted attempt at execution, is freed by the authorities only to go out and kill a man called Lazarus

If you read the Old Testament backwards, it's about a tribe of people that blunder into slavery in Egypt, only for God to destroy the universe in a fit of pique

If you watch Escape To Victory backwards, it's about a group of footballers that infiltrate a Nazi prison camp 

If you watch Goldfinger backwards, it's about a man who climbs in through an aircraft window, puts all the gold back into Fort Knox and saves a girl's life through the timely use of paint remover

If you watch The Terminator backwards: Woman breaks into factory and builds a medical robot that gives away all its clothes before getting sent into the future


Bulimic shark pukes up swimmers

Work that one out for yourselves


Audrey said...

Lost In Translation: Nothing happens. It's exactly the same.

Richard said...

Die Hard 1 - 48: Man with severe ADHD is finally cured by an increasingly large team of violent gun-toting doctors who manage to dry-clean his entire wardrobe in the process.

Audrey said...

Highlander: There can be only many.

Anonymous said...

!!! tnaillirB

rich p rich said...

Indiana Jones. A rogue archaeologist robs museums so that nazis can restore the artifacts to their original settings. And names his dog after himself.