Friday, September 13, 2013


Question: How much of Prince William's head can you crop out of a photo and still know it's Prince William?

Let's find out. Here's the original...

And here's the final cut:

That's 60%, pop-pickers.

Sixty per cent of Prince William's head is waste material.


Percival Turnbull said...

But if you take it to 80% you end up with Jonathan Agnew.

Audrey said...

Hey! Are they bringing Spitting IMage back?

Keith said...

I think I would prefer to see 100% of the image gone!

I bet you thought I had gone forever, but here I am back again to bother you.

Cameron Kirton said...

I'd say you could take it as far as just the mouth and still know it's him. Doesn't that imply I've spent some time studying his mouth in depth?

Muffinman said...

He's 'Custodian of the Bush' according to the Daily Telegraph.
The bog mindles.