Monday, August 20, 2007

Oh Lordy! It's the return of 'Offensive Productions Present'

Oh Lordy! It's the return of 'Offensive Productions Present'

Students of the law of diminishing returns clearly states [and I quote] "That Scaryduck chap isn't as funny as he used to be." And they'd be right - nobody laughs at my comedy Maxine Carr impression these days, and every gag I come up with seems to involve Ann Noreen Widdecombe's wizened fallopian tubes.

So. We return to our past triumphs where we laughed and laughed and LOLed and ROFLed at Nazi TV, Communist TV, Chinese TV, and, fuck me, Tourettes TV.

Off we go again, with an exploration of the television scheduled offered to our friends on the Indian sub-continent. And, to avoid accusations of racism, I am indebted to a former Big Brother contestant who will be your host today:

"Hello. I am TV's Shilpa Poppadum and I am excellent. Plz to post your Indian and Asian TV programmes in the Spk yr Brains box. LOL!"

* East is EastEnders
* Mary, Queen of Cornershops
* Deal or New Delhi

* Bombaywatch
* Nepal Creatures Great and Small
* Scooby Kathman-doo, or, Scooby Hindu

* Only Fools and Elephants
* Sex and the Chapatii
* Faizabad Towers

* Bangalore and Order
* Top of the Poppadums
* Masala, She Wrote

And films as well, just so I can do:

* Pilau Talk
* It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Madras World
* Bengal the President's Men

Well? Suggest-me! Suggest-me-good!

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