Thursday, November 22, 2007

On finding oneself rudderless

On finding oneself rudderless

Being a representation of me - a duck of sorts - at a computer keyboardSince the demise and splintering of the late-lamented Board of Biffo, I am without a regular discussion forum to waste my hours.

I have tried several, including the British Comedy forum Cook'd & Bomb'd and the Internet Treehouse, but while they are full of excellent people, they really don't *quite* float my boat, and I find days and evenings stretching ahead of me in a futile quest for the posting of wanky bollocks to a clique of like-minded layabouts.

Fark is far too American, and you need to pay them genuine cash money to get the full benefit, while Metafilter is too American and too po-faced.

So: Save me from my pit of boredom. Recommend me a decent discussion forum before I go mad. Feel free to invite to me your little corner of the internet, entice me in with partially-clad nubiles, before burning me to death in a large Wicker effigy.

It must be:

a) funny
b) reasonably busy
c) relatively free of txt-spkng retrds
d) a depository for wanky bollocks
e) a depository for wanky bollocks that I can rip off as my own blog ideas


f) That's it

Help me Obi Wan Kenobi! You are my only hope!

And while you're at it, please choose tomorrow's Tale of Mirth and Woe from the following comprehensive list:

* Up the Arse

I thank you.

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