Saturday, November 21, 2009

On selling my soul, yet again

On selling my soul, yet again

It was if an occult hand had reached down and shovelled my pockets with cold, hard cash.

For I cannot lie: those very nice people at Blinkbox have paid me cold, hard cash to say how good their movies-and-TV-on-the-internet website is.

After downloading the new Star Trek movie, the rather brilliant Mr Gaiman's Coraline and some old Doctor Who, the Blinkbox experience arrives on the Scaryduckworth-Lewis Scale of Rating Things for Excellence thussly:

"18/20. Julia Bradbury soaked and windswept after a long wet walk up a mountain" - which equates to EXCELLENT.

And I'm not saying that because they're paying me. Honest.

Oooh: Free Bottom

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