Tuesday, February 04, 2003

"On the other hand..."

...exploring space is a complete waste of money and Saturday's tragedy is just an example of the dead-end street we have entered by pouring good money after bad. Discuss.

My alomst-but-not-quite blind support for the US Space Programme seems to have thrown up a cloud of controversy amongst you. Good. I think space travel is A Good Thing, others think that we should be getting our house in order down here before we start looking up there. We could have both, but at my age I'm getting increasingly cynical about it ever happening. That's the way of the world, innit?

Oh, and pressing a point home, space does belong to us all. It's not some nicecy-nicey Star Trek fantasy, it's part of a UN resolution. That is all. Case closed.

Happy Blogiversary to Gert who's fabby Mad Musings blog celebrates its first anniversary today. My Blogday, for the record, is Wednesday. There will be cake, and quite possibly, pie.

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