Tuesday, February 25, 2003

"Name that Penguin Redux"

Ladies, Gentlemen and citizens of Florida! The people have spoken. I asked for your votes to christen the small, flightless bird formerly known as Moderately Evil Penguin, and you stuffed the ballot box in your droves. So, in my capacity as returning officer for the parliamentary constituency of Antarctica South, the total votes cast are as follows:

And the result is...
You're not going to like this

Crabstick (Slightly Evil Party): 10 votes
Ming (Very Evil Party): 21 votes
Fishfinger (Monster Raving Loony and a bit Evil Party): 18 votes
Fletcher (Moderately Evil Party): 35 votes
Pengor (Hardly Evil at all Party): 49 votes

So, by the power vested in me, I hereby declare that the penguin shall now be known as Fletcher. And let that teach you an important lesson about democracy. I rule!

*cough* If you're mildly outraged about me cheating and trampling all over the democratic process, feel free to sign the online petition organised by the shadowy pressure group known as The People's Committee to Restore Proper Penguin Naming Procedures, which is in no way connected with the authors of this site. At all.

In the end, you will bow down to my superior knowledge. The evil penguins are out there. And they're out to get us.

All hail Pengor ... I mean Fletcher! Fletcher. That's it. Fletcher.

Edit: There may be a short gap in the blogging while I run and hide from the baying hoardes ...err... take a short holiday. I will return with stories of blowing stuff up when you least expect it.

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