Thursday, March 04, 2004

Consider the Lillies...

...they're well chuffed!

Thursday again, and that can only mean one thing. But enough of my kinky wellie boot fetish, here's this week's vote for tomorrow's Scary story.

* An Inspector Calls - live from London fashion week!
* Paul - how Mongolian tribesmen made my life hell
* The Raspberry Club - stop stalking me TV's Orla Guerin, or I shall call the police
* The Earl Grey Missile Test - bogies. Bogies. BOGIES. BOGIES!

You know what to do - vote-o!, and suggest-o-phrases-for-the-winning-story-o!

And on the good news front, the Scary novel that's been taking up most of my time over recent weeks is more or less completed. Woo!Yay! Houpla! and indeed Panowie!Chapter thirty-five is hidden somewhere on the interwebnet and can be traded for sexual favours.

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