Thursday, August 26, 2004

The Magic Vote-o

The Magic Vote-o

Yesterday I learned that Scaryduckling's schoolteacher has resigned from the profession. Instead, Mr Payne has decided to use the skills he has acquired in his years in front of the blackboard for a far more rewarding job. Sick of being called Mr Payne-in-the-Arse, he is now Bongo the Magnificent, Stage Magician.

Any road up - choose-o tomorrow's Scary Story, if you please:

* Duke of Kent
* Leaflets
* Glider
* Paint
* Ceiling
* Presto

My short-term memory being what it is, I'm certain I wrote another one last week, but not having the file to hand, I have completely forgotten. In which case, you may also vote for "Magical Mystery Story" and take your chances that it might be crap, or not exist at all, even.

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