Thursday, August 05, 2004

Thursday Stuffpile

Thursday Stuffpile

Tomorrow sees a Scary Story by a special guest writer, so there is no Thursday vote-o today. It's a cracker with absolutely tons of swearing, so I'm certain that it will go down well. Instead of the vote-o, it's been ages since we've had a stuffpile, so here goes:

Political correctness gone maaaaaaad!

Ofcom bans the Renault "Shakin' that ass" advert as it "mocks people with Parkinson's Disease".

"An advertisement for the Renault Megane 225 featured a number of people in a supermarket, on the street and in a swimming pool, shaking uncontrollably as the car passed by. Ten viewers contacted us because they believed the commercial mocked people with illnesses that resulted in body tremors."

Win free stuff!

I did. Write five hundred words about knives and fifty quid's worth of gadgetry is as good as yours.

Democracy in action

Tories in Turmoil - vote for the next leader of the Conservative Party. I went for Tessa Jowell, the haggard old tramp.

ALL teh intarnet!

Available at last: ALL teh intarnet.

Worst product name ever - I really, really, hope this is ironic.

Worrying search results

We heart Vork

Has anyone seen Mike Hunt?

As a journalist, I'm always being nagged to use the bastard spellchecker.

Dictionary corner

SPPANG: Onom The sound made by hitting an executive of South West Trains around the head with a shovel when arriving late for work for the third time in a week. "Your SPPANG job SPPANG is SPPANG to SPPANG make SPPANG trains SPPANG run on time SPPANG SPPANG SPPANG.


Join the madness --- Kung Fu Madness!!!

Now go back to your constituencies and prepare for the Scaryduck Archive

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