Monday, August 30, 2004

Nice Week

It's Nice Week at Scaryduck

After the excesses of the previous seven days, I'm going to try to go a whole week without swearing, mentioning bodily functions and banging on about my frankly brilliant idea for a celebrity reality show involving Natasha Kaplinski, David "The Duke" Dickenson and a BDSM dungeon*. Hello trees! Hello sky! Hello flowers!

Any road up, strange goings on at Scaryduck Towers this weekend. Mrs Duck tells me that our family should celebrate Christmas at Lap Land this year. That's very broad-minded of her, but I for one don't think the kids are quite ready for a pole dancing club, festive season or not. Or maybe the spirit of Nice Week hasn't quite got through my iron-clad cranium just yet.

More niceness tomorrow. Regular readers may wish to return next week for the September Swear-a-thon.

* Channel Five are going to bite at any moment - all I need is a snappy title

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