Thursday, January 01, 2009

On Instant Messenger etiquette

On Instant Messenger etiquette

"LOL" wrote my esteemed colleague 'Spikes' Walker as we shared wry observations through the medium of MSN Instant Messenger

Yet, he did not LOL. He didn't even raise the merest titter. I know this for a fact because he was sitting no more than six feet from me in our luxuriously-appointed offices.

He – and let us not beat about the bush – lied to me.

He said he did a LOL, yet no LOL emerged.

This wanton behaviour poses questions about the very fabric and honest foundations on which our society is built.

How many others, I ask, are saying "ROFFLE", but are still sitting firmly in their seats, not roffling in the slightest? Worse, how many are ROTFLMAO, when their A is still firmly attached?

How many others are saying BRB but are merely using it as an excuse to ignore a boring conversation?

And how many are replying to the all-important A/S/L question with "17 / F / In my Underwear LOL" when they are, in fact, "45 / M / FBI Headquarters"?


We should be told. FFS.

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