Monday, August 08, 2011

The deathly woe of office tea-making

The deathly woe of office tea-making

Has this ever happened to you?

1. Put on office kettle for a cup of tea with exactly enough water to make yourself a cup AND NO MORE

2. Nip away for a quick trip to the toilet while kettle is boiling

3. Return, to find kettle has now been filled completely to the brim with freezing cold water and switched back on

4. Wait for five minutes, staring with hatred at the rogue mug now sitting next to yours

5. Make tea, return to desk, NEVER FIND OUT to whom the other mug belongs
I am sure you will agree that while this is - perhaps - not so bad as having both your legs sawn off at the knee whilst being forced to listen to a CD of the collected speeches of Margaret Thatcher, people HAVE DIED FOR LESS.

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