Thursday, December 08, 2011

In which I knew that they were going to advertise a job on a psychic phone line

A wild job advert appears!

Psychic Telephone Reader: Hamilton

William O'Connor, renowned medium, is currently recruiting for Psychics based in the Glasgow, Lanarkshire and Ayrshire areas for a new psychic telephone service. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU MUST HAVE DEMONSTRABLE PSYCHIC ABILITIES. THIS IS A LEGITIMATE OPERATION AND SKILLS WILL BE ASSESSED BY WILLIAM O'CONNOR.

If you are successful you will not only have the ability to earn uncapped earnings, you will also be trained and mentored by William O'Connor, one of Scotland's top psychics as part of an ongoing support program [sic] ...

If you are interested please supply a cv or a summary of your psychic experience to (Apply now) or call (Apply now) as a first step in the process. Please note your details must specify your disciplines
Damn right I'm interested. In fact, I'm sending him my CV now - BY THE POWER OF MY MIND

*grasps temples*

Om! Ommm! OMMMMMMM!!!

Receive my CV, oh magnificent one


[receipt requested]


There. That's saved me a stamp.

Being a brilliant psychic myself, I know I'm not going to get the job, but a man's got to show willing.

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