Tuesday, December 13, 2011


One thing led to another and we came to actual fisticuffs* over which is the best out of octopuses and squidses.

True, the squid wins on the number of legs (ten vs eight), but the octopus would triumph easily on intelligence. High IQ society MENSA has several octopus members, whilst squid are often invited to sit the entry exam, but spend hours outside the hall trying to push the door open when the sign clearly says "Pull".

This leads to the question: Who would win a fight between a squid and an octopus?

Clearly, the advantage is with the squid, managing ten boxing gloves to Inky's eight, but the octopus would be the only one smart enough to pull the old horseshoe-in-the-glove trick.

Academics are divided on the subject, with a letter in a recent edition of the scientific journal Nature from a noted zoologist and calimari lover saying "Who cares? They're all suckers."

The winner, of course, goes through to face the victor of Baboon vs Badger.

* sexy slang

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