Monday, August 12, 2013

A brief guide on how to overtake cyclists safely and effectively whilst driving on the open road

I like to think I'm a driver who respects other road users.

One of the things that I do - and sometimes to the annoyance of other drivers - is not to overtake cyclists until I'm sure I can give them enough space. I ride a bike, so I know what it's like for a car to squeeze past and leave you riding down the gutter.

And so it came to pass the other evening as I drove into Fleet, and spied a bicycle in front of me.

Long dark hair, and a lilac floaty top.

The long hair was very dark, and the floaty top was very floaty as I gave the cyclist plenty of space as I overtook.

Then I looked in my mirror. Not - dear reader - to ogle, but to check that I had left enough road space.

His long dark hair was very long, his lilac floaty top was very floaty, and his beard was an unfetching shade of grey.

I got him with the passenger door*

*By which I mean I drove off, doing nothing but considering life's trickery 

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