Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Living under the paw of a tyrant

This is The New Dog Wilson Blue Rabbit.

Look at him.

What a sweetie.

Don't believe a word. He is the most demanding creature under the sun, even more demanding than bonsai plants. Because while bonsai drop dead the second you ignore them, Wilson resorts to barking. Lots of it.

And his demands? Walkies.

Nothing but walkies.

Stand up – BARK

Sit down – BARK

Go to the toilet – BARK

Get dressed in the morning – BARK

Accidentally catch his tyrannical little eye – BARK

Like Pavlov's dogs, even the close down music on my computer equates to walkies, which equals BARK, and it's my own stupid fault for caving in to him every time I stand up, sit down, go to the toilet, accidentally catch his eye or close down my laptop.

Or walk in through the door. Or breathe.

He is a monster. A hideous dictator. But also cute and fuzzy and we love him.


Raven/Missy said...

He is adorable! But of course you know why baby animals are so cute right? It's their survival tactic! The cuter they are, the more easily they can train their humans to wait on them hand and foot and loving doing it all!

Enjoy Wilson, he looks like a great dog :)

newcks said...

Cute, yes. We have a furry critter that is just as demanding, but only for food. Every time we go into the kitchen, she is there, miaowing away, very loudly. She is deaf so maybe thats why she's a loud 'un...