Monday, August 19, 2013

Not a review of Public Service Broadcasting, South Street, Reading, 15 August 2013

A night out to see the extraordinary talents of the popular beat combo Public Service Broadcasting in Reading, but, alas, I do not have the superlatives to describe the event*.

While most of the concert-goers were sound, respectable people, there were a few slackers and recidivists whose behaviour should be highlighted as a warning for others.

I need not dwell on the behaviour of the small group of Gig Tossers, for there always seems to be a gaggle of these people at every concert – pushing in front of people, fighting amongst themselves and generally being a nuisance to all around them. I expect they are like this all the time, and their social media profiles include the word "banter".

But there is a greater menace, and it is this:

People who go to concerts wearing a T-shirt of the band they're going to see.
 It’s basic gig etiquette. Worse is wearing a T-shirt for the current album of the band you're going to see.

Tucked in.

The only exception to this rule is if the band has been performing for at least twenty years, and your T-shirt is worn as an indication that you have been following them from the start.

But, in this chap's case: New T-shirt, current album, tucked in.

We tarred and feathered him and left him on the ring road. Then we bought everything the merch stand had to offer and made our way into the night.

*But the concert was very very very very very very good.


Dr Si said...

Even worse: person wearing a 'vintage' T-shirt advertising the gig tour of a band that they can't have seen unless they went as a foetus.

Mike said...

While I find Gig T-shirts diturbing at the best of times, and always a fastion black hole...for anyone over the age of 14.....isn't a concert the one place you can risk it. Bit like going to a nudist beach for your hols to be amongst like minded nuts but thankfully out of view.