Friday, August 23, 2013

SharkNado and beyond

It appears that they're cashing in on the so-bad-it's-brilliant B-Movie SharkNado with another Shark-based disaster movie: GHOST SHARK.

If you haven't seen SharkNado, it's a film about Sharks in a tornado, that come ashore and eat people. Ghost Shark is about a dead shark that comes back as a ghost and ... you get the idea.

I'd only be interested in Ghost Shark if it has a fishing exorcist called Jeremiah Blackbeard, who hasn't done an exorcism since the events in PolterSquid that left the great scar on his memory after he could do nothing to save those poor kids on the school boat trip...

Of course, Ghost Shark and PolterSquid shouldn't be the end of it.

I'm going to pitch them Octo-Zombie, the tale of a killer Octopus that just won't die. "Eight legs and now it's DYING for your brains."

Also, a film where a giant haunted Piranha haunts a small town, but it's just Old Man Villiers from the ice cream store who just wants the monopoly on local ice cream sales by making people believe the local legend of the Giant Haunted Piranha. But he didn't reckon on the persistence of a dog and his pals in a big van.


Kriller Killer said...

King Konger - Eel be after you!

RobinOfLocksley said...

Elvers have left the building.

I'll get me coat.