Saturday, August 03, 2013

THE WORLD'S END: A bit of a review and a sneaky wallop of Sisters of Mercy

To the flicks to see the brand new Simon Pegg/Nick Frost number "The World's End". And I was secretly relieved that I had decided against wearing the old Sisters of Mercy T-shirt, seeing as it plays a rather crucial role in the development of one of the film's (sadder) central characters. That'll be the basis of a future blog post, in which I illustrate my md-life crisis through the medium of old band T-shirts.

Then I thought "bugger it", let's go home and play the Sisters up loud. So here's eleven minutes of This Corrosion.

OK, so I prefer Temple of Love, but that's not in the film.

As for the film, the soundtrack's pretty much the score to my life, and I've often had to beat up alien robots in pub toilets. So, yes.

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Anonymous said...

I found myself digging out old Sisters of Mercy recently. IS there a secret switch inside all xx-somethings that kicks in and starts playing old Sisters tracks in your head? Perhaps there are millions of xx-somethings wandering around England with the same affliction.