Sunday, July 02, 2006



To the Scarymobile on Friday evening, whereupon I drove for three hours to make it to the Ducklings' school Summer Fete, and the promise of red-hot pole-dancing action. And what did I get? This:

Frankly, I feel conned.

Monday edit: I did my back in last week, and I'm in far too much agogogony to be funny today, so you'll have to make do with yesterday's hastily cobbled together mirth. However, consider the following words of wisdom from Scaryduck Jr, who has single-handedly won The War on Terror:

"If Osama bin Laden keeps sending all these tapes to the TV channels, right, an' they're tryin' to find him, right, why don't they just ask the postman?"

He's a genius, that lad, just like his old dad.

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