Sunday, July 16, 2006



No, not the Zidane Monster, but…

Richard Skinner's back on the radio.

Granted, it's Sunday mornings on Radio Berkshire [listen online here], but his weekday evening show on Radio 1 showcased the best up-and-coming music of the time and was pretty much essential listening, and now I've come over far too excited. It also came with the classic jingle:

I saw my mate between eight and ten
An' he didn't have Richard Skinner on
So I give 'im head-butt
Give 'im head-butt
Give 'im head-butt
Give 'im head-butt
Then I remembered it was Friday, an' e's only on Monday to Thursday...

It's been stuck in my head for the best part of twenty years, and as we now both work in the same building, I've been in touch with the man himself, and he's sent me a copy. With the great man's permission, I'll cut it down to a usable size and slap it up here. Oooh!

It's no good. I've started being nice to people today.

Update: BINGO!

Kwik Fit Update

Following last Monday's rant at the expense of Britain's premier workshy tyre-fitters, I'm delighted to report the following: Bow before the might of google.

My work here is done.

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