Wednesday, January 29, 2003

"Power comes from the Barrel of a Gun"

Chairman Mao said that. And he should know, he had loads before he threw it all in to run a chip shop in Henley. Now it's my turn. Inspired by a link on Gert's Mad Musings of Me, I've set out my stall on the fabby Nation States as the People's Republic of Scaryduck.

When I says WHOA I mean WHOA!
My Foreign Minister addresses the UN

You'll be pleased to hear that I have decided to run my not-so-tiny corner of the great estate in much the same manner that I run this place. So perhaps that is why the United Nations has me listed as a "psychotic dictatorship". I'll show them. Just wait until I figure out a way of turning all that penguin crap into something nasty....

"Walk softly and carry a big stick" -- President Teddy Roosevelt

"Oh yeah? Well I speak LOUD!! And I carry an even BIGGER stick!!" -- Yosemite Sam

"Your enemy is ruling your country" -- you said it, George W Bush

"All hail President Scary, our lord and protector who had to nail my head to the coffee table because of the bad things I said. Here, have some money. And my daughter as well. Lovely bloke, lovely." -- A loyal citizen of The People's Republic of Scaryduck speaking of his own free will to a Ministry of Truth operative recently.

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