Tuesday, January 28, 2003

"Scary's Hints & Tips"

Here's a useful one to ensure a long and successful marriage.

Guys! Whatever you do, don't spend an entire day photographing and photoshopping your kids' cuddly toys to make a fast buck off a bunch of t-shirts while letting your wife get on with a hard day's slog of stripping wallpaper, sanding walls and painting the living room. They don't appreiciate the skill and sheer hard work you're putting in to keep, you, the masses of Scary Readers happy.

And another thing, don't try to justify leaving the toilet seat up with the excuse "It's ready for the next guy to use." It just doesn't wash with the female psyche. I'll never understand women for as long as I live. And the way I'm carrying on, that won't be very long at all.

A whole day Scaryblogging, as I managed not to plug the Scaryshop once. Yay me! Except for just then. Sorry.

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