Tuesday, June 24, 2003


A collection of crud that's been jamming up my inbox this week.

419 Project Update: Just a week left in my quest to see how much I can make in a month from Nigerian scam e-mails. Total so far: USD 901,800,000 - it's looking increasingly likely that this time next week, Rodders, we'll be billionaires.

Wang Project Update: Ah! The miracle of science. With this wheelbarrow full of miracle pills offered to me by internet entrepreneurs, my wang has now grown by a massive 415 inches, and by way of a side-effect my man-breasts have expanded by fifteen cup sizes. I fully expect to appear on the cover of the next Marilyn Manson album.

"Can I take your order please?" These people must die. Soon.

And speaking of cnuts: Play Cnut Trumps against the computer.

Drink!: Remember Karyn who set up a website to get idiots to pay off her store cards (and suceeded)? Bradley's doing much the same thing, except he's not beating about the bush. He wants you to send him money for booze. "I've been married for a long time and my only enjoyment comes from drinking. Unfortunately, the money is awful tight and the wife won't raise my allowance." Yup, I can see where he's coming from.

Home: Hey! I can see my house from here!

Idiot: T-shirts for American travellers. Heh. (Spotted by Manic).

Jackanory: I have the urge to give you a shiny new Scaryduck story tomorrow. Either "Ford", "Henley Bridge" or any number between one and thirty-three corresponding to as yet un-written stories. *cough* Twenty-four *cough* Err...choose-o!

Borgnine: The Bad Movie vote remains open until the end of the week. It's just dawned on me that it should have included "any film by Michael Winner". Arses. Vote-o!

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