Wednesday, June 04, 2003

"Poetry Corner"

Lines on the departure of Arsenal footballer David Seaman to Manchester City in June 2003.

So. Farewell
David Seaman.

Arsenal goalie
with your
girlie pony tail.

You took
your safe hands
to rainy Manchester.

We look forward
to our strikers
lobbing Seaman
all next season.

EJ Thribb (aged 13 and a half)

"419 Update"

Still coining it in thank you very much. The Third Annual Nigerian E-mail Conference should keep the spam rolling in (thanks to Bloggerheads). Lovely.

Cash: USD 219,700,000 - ch-ching!
Wang: Twenty-eight inches - a disappointment

"Bum Clouds"

New Weebl and Bob.

"Coming Attractions"

As usual, you, the punter gets to choose tomorrow's bloggage. The story will be either "Cow" or "Ford" which are lined up and ready to go. Alternatively, you may choose a random number between one and thirty-three which corresponds to an as-yet-unwritten Scary story which exists solely as a title and a few barely legible notes. Your choice in the Speak your Brains section, if you'd be so kind.

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