Sunday, October 12, 2003

"Culture Shock"

Overheard on the train today:

Very plummy old lady: "Excuse me young man - is there a restaurant car on this service?"

Cockney Geezer train guard: "Blummin' 'ell love - what do you think this is? The Orient Express?"

Who says you can't get decent help these days?

"Late, again"

I missed National Poetry Day
Which took place on
Which is a good thing
Because I’m not Betjeman
Or Thomas Hardy.

"It pays to increase your word power"

Gert started it, banging on - in shocked fascination, I hope - about "dogging" and "roasting" for days on end. Thrashing around on google and ...err... specialist discussion fora, I now know what "docking" is, and frankly I didn't think it was possible. Apparantly some bloke from 80's rockers EMF could do unspeakable things with a lemon, but this really should be adopted as an Olympic sport where men in blazers can award points for style, control, damage and aggression. No hang on, I'm getting mixed up with Robot Wars...

"Cheap Joke at those less fortunate than myself"

BBC Radio 4's You and Yours programme is holding a small competition to find Britain's biggest waste of space, "drawing attention to land that is sadly going to waste and blighting their local environment." I've got my nomination sorted - 748 High Road, London, N17 is a shoe-in.

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