Thursday, October 16, 2003

“You will bow down before me Son of Jor-El!”

Greetings to readers of the esteemed Manchester Guardian. I expect you’ve come here looking for words of wisdom on the forthcoming British Blog Awards. So here they are: Enter the Guardian British Blog Awards, and you too can win enough money to pay for a hot water system in your house like I did. It’s better than a night out with Jim Davidson, which, apparently is the second prize; and certainly beats trying to take a bath on the seafront at Weymouth, with all the subsequent courtroom shenanigans that goes with it.

Regular readers of this page will know what ill-informed and juvenile lunacy to expect, but with one minor change. In the interests of impartiality, I’m temporarily removed my blogroll from this page until the judging is over. It’s only fair to give everybody who has entered a level playing field, although you will be allowed the weapon of your choice once you have been admitted to the gladiatorial arena.

Good grief, you mean you haven’t read the rules yet?

Let the backstabbing begin!

*cough* Buy my merchandise! *cough*

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